Shown below are classes during the Golden Jubilee. We would like to honor our Alumni with their photo and a some information, telling us about their experience here at Zion School, the high school and college that you attended and  you a what they are doing presently. If you would like to participate click the button below and complete the form provided.

We are looking for names and addresses of former students to create a database that we can use to keep you updated on classmates and developments here at school. Let us know what you have been doing since you left Zion, where you went to high school and college, career news, and important moves, family information along with photos.

You can also help get the word out by sending the information to anyone else you know that attended Zion School. Complete the online form provided below and don’t forget to forward this to others that attended Zion.

Mr. Fred C. Buddenbaum, from Detroit, Michigan was called to be the instructor for the lower grades during the summer of 1946. He taught first and second grades. During the summer of 1949 the congregation observed Mr. Buddenbaum’s 25th anniversary as a Lutheran teacher.

Miss Esther Neumann, of Saginaw was hired in the summer of 1950. She taught third and fourth grade at Zion. She replaced Miss Dittmer, who left to be married to the Rev. Paul Heckmann.

The Fifth and Sixth Grades at Zion School, our teacher at this time was Mr. Edward Wirth.

During the summer of 1946 Mr. Walter Senne, from Decatur, IL was called to be Zion’s principal and to teach the upper grades. Shown is Mr. Senne’s Seventh and Eighth Grade.