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We become partners in your child’s education

When you enroll your child at Zion Lutheran School, their parents become partners in Zion’s community. Our parents’ interest and support of your child’s progress is important to us and working with the faculty to assure a positive learning experience provides a positive outcome for all those involved.

We promote an environment of open communication and mutual respect between parents and the school. There are many opportunities for parents to become involved at Zion. Volunteers are important to the many special events and programs held here.

Our parents are invited to be involved in many of the activities throughout the school. We encourage our parents to talk with teachers and become familiar with the school staff. Our goal is to assist all students in growing socially and provide them with the best education offered while sharing the joy and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Admission Procedure

Please call 989.893.5793 or email for information on enrollment and availability.

Below is a list of materials that will be given at enrollment and that will need to be returned to the Childcare before your child’s first day of attendance.

  • Parent handbook
  • A non-refundable registration fee: See rate policy for specific fee
  • A rate information sheet
  • Enrollment Information Sheet
  • Child Information Record
  • Health Appraisal
  • Immunization Record
  • Parent Notification of Licensing Handbook
  • Household Application for Free and Reduced Lunch – Given upon request
  • Medical Exception Statement – If your child has food allergies

See what Zion has to offer.

Tours of our school and classrooms can be scheduled for your convenience. You can contact our Holly, our Admissions Officer for more information.

At Zion, we fully believe that a Christian education is what sustains our students throughout their life. In keeping with the mission and vision of our school, Zion’s curriculum is focused on the Biblical truths provided in the Word of God. A Biblical Worldview is embedded in all instruction. Our curriculum meets the requirements of the State of Michigan in reading, science, phonics, English, spelling, mathematics, literature, geography, history, current events, music, art, writing, computer skills, and physical education.  Furthermore, the curriculum is in alignment with the Michigan District LCMS, District Curriculum guidelines and the Michigan Benchmarks. In keeping with the Christian philosophy of education and with respect to the requirements of the State of Michigan, our children receive a high-quality education in the following areas:

  • Faith Studies
  • Reading and Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Fine Arts, Physical Education, Technology, and Foreign Language

Our teachers, who are instructional experts carefully map out the curriculum for each content area. Using a variety of standards, instructional approaches, programs, and resources, our teachers develop a clear scope and sequence that ensures instruction in each of the core competencies expected at each grade level. These core competencies are then assessed through both formative and summative assessments. The NWEA Measures of Academic Progress is administered two times a year (September and May) to determine individual student growth. The data from this assessment is used to determine academic levels and to assist teachers in planning to meet individual student needs.