Zion has much to offer when looking for a place to hold meetings, social functions, and athletic activities. 

The kitchen and cafeteria is a great place for graduation parties, bridal and baby showers, group functions and more. Our gym is great for youth basketball or volleyball and can be reserved for practices and games.

Key Fob Instructions

Usage Policy

Deposits & Fees

Key Fob

Key Fob Instructions:

  1. Due to liability regulations only the representative designated a fob may use the fob to access school property.
  2. Contact: Julie Glumm at jglumm@zionbaycity.org or (989) 980-8850 if having difficulties.
  3. REPORT LOST FOB immediately. The fob can be “turned off” until found. When fob is located return to Zion Lutheran School.
  4. A new fob will cost YOU $10.00 to replace.
  5. The key fob will work 1 hour before event and 1 hour after event.
  6. An automatic door unlock time is listed on the forms. The door will open automatically and re-lock automatically. Your key fob will still work until the expiration of event time.
  7. You can either download and print the application for an Event or Complete the online form.

Building Use Policy

The physical property of Zion Lutheran School is available to Zion members, “members groups”, Zion Church and School groups for meetings, activities, and fellowship.  The building is also available for non-member usage.  A supervisory person from Zion Lutheran Church/School will be required to be present at the non-member event.

A “member group” may consist of members and non-members as long as the person making the request is a member and assumes responsibility for the group and the proper use of the building and/or equipment. The member must sign the requisition form, pick up the building key and be present at the activity.

The Master Calendar for scheduling all members, “member groups”, and non-member groups’ activities at Zion School and for the use of all school equipment will be kept in the School Office. The office personnel is to be in charge of this calendar.

When members or “member  groups” or non-members wish to schedule regular meetings, special events or activities (such as bridal showers, wedding receptions, birthday or anniversary parties, use of  the gym, etc.) an online request form or a form in the school office must be filled out by the person/group  making these requests.  Rules for building use must be read and signed BEFORE granting any request. The approval of these requests will be handled by Zion Lutheran School Office.  The dates you requested will be checked by the school office before granting any request.

The School Office personnel will be responsible for informing school personnel when an event will concern the use of any rooms and/or equipment.

Member groups will be to use the facilities free of charge for any open activity.   Member groups and non-member groups will be charged for the use of the facilities for any private party or activity.  When a supervisory person is present, an additional charge will be addressed.


Member Non-Member/Member Groups
Refundable Security Deposit $100.00 $150.00
Library $ 25.00 each use $ 35.00 each use
Gym $ 40.00 each use $ 60.00 each use
Gym/Stage $ 75.00 each use $110.00 each use
Dining Room & Kitchen $100.00 each use $150.00 each use
Recurring Member/ Non Member group  recurring
Supervisor  Provided by Zion: add $50 to each rental cost
  • A refundable Security Deposit of $100.00 (member) or $150 (non-member) is required upon reservation.
  • Fees shall be paid to the School Office before a key fob is issued.
  • Restitution for damaged property and/or lack of proper clean-up shall be the responsibility of the member or group making the request.
  • If damage or clean-up costs exceed the amount of the security deposit, the requesting member or group shall be responsible for the outstanding balance.
  • If problems should arise in the use of the building and/or equipment it is the responsibility of Zion Lutheran School to make any necessary decisions concerning the same.
  • In the event that problems should arise in the request for the use by any member, member group, or non-member group it is the responsibility of Zion Lutheran School to make any necessary decisions concerning the same.