All children, from Birth through age 12 are welcome at our Day Care. We believe that a Christian education is a vital aspect of God’s commission, commanded by Him to the church through the Great Commission.  It is the whole education of the people of God, Regardless of age, carried out under the influence of the Gospel.

We believe that a Christian educator is committed to provide for God’s people a complete education under the influence of the gospel, by meeting their spiritual, social, and emotional needs.

Providing Christ-centered education to His children.  Zion feels that our school is only one part of the overall religious education and we feel it is a priority for our children to become involved in the church now, as it will set habits and standards for the rest of their lives.

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Day Care Rooms


The infant/toddler room is split into 2 classes, an infant class (0-approx18 mos) and a Toddler class (12 mos-30mos).

These two classes share a room that is split in half by shelving.  There is a lead teacher on each side responsible for their class, along with several assistants.

Early Preschool

The Early Preschool room has children 30 mos- 4 years attending.  This room has a maximum group size of 16 children at any time.


The Preschool/ School age room has children 4 years- 12 years.  This room is mostly used for before and after school. It is also open during school hours for 4 year old children that are not attending the school sponsored Pre-K programs those days.

Day Care Admission Procedure

Below is a list of materials that will be given at enrollment and that will need to be returned to the Day Care before your child’s first day of attendance.

  • Parent handbook
  • A non-refundable registration fee per child/family: see rate policy for specific fee
  • A rate information sheet
  • Enrollment information sheet: Must be returned before your child’s first day of attendance
  • Child Information Record card: A white emergency card must be filled out COMPLETELY for each child and signed by a parent before your child can attend. Updating the card is extremely important to keep all staff aware of any changes. You will be required to review and initial your child’s card yearly. Emergency Release — In the event of an emergency or illness and a parent cannot be contacted, an attempt will be made to reach one of the contacts listed on the child’s emergency card.
  • Health Appraisal: Children are required to provide Zion with a health appraisal signed by a physician. This form must be updated yearly for infants and toddlers (up to 30 months), and every two years for Preschool children.  School age children are not required to have a health appraisal signed by a doctor; however, parents must sign a statement regarding their child’s health and any restrictions yearly.
  • Immunization Record: Children’s immunizations must be up to date and on file in the Zion childcare office.
  • Parent notification of licensing notebook and policies form: sign and return for file
  • Household Application for Free and reduced Lunch- if you think you may qualify for free or reduced lunch services from BCPS.
  • Medical exception statement (if needed for food allergies for summer feeding program).